Antonio Caldara 1670 – 1736

Biblioteca e Archivio Istituzioni di Ricovero ed Educazione
I-Vire MS 17



List of contents:
Caro mea – SS
Ad Dominum cum tribularer – SB
Ego sum panis vivus – SA
Transeunte Domino – AT
Benedictus Deus – AA
Transfige dulcissime Jesu – AB

With the contribution from the Regione Veneto, and thanks to research by the Professor Dr. Marica Tacconi, of Liesl Odenweller, and of Caterina Chiarcos, Venice Music Project has transcribed from the Musical Archive of the Ospedaletto the motets for two voices of the manuscript 17 (RISM: I-Vire 17) in the Biblioteca e Archivio delle Istituzioni di Ricovero e di Educazione IRE of Venice.

The collection is comprised of six motets which explore a variety of combinations of possible duets between four voices: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. One can easily imagine the basso continuo being played on a keyboard, possibly enhanced by a cello, bass, and tiorba.

While these compositions appear to be quite simple, they permit the singers great expression in the vocal line, without imposing a richer accompaniment, which could seem egregious. A Baroque jewel, luminous and perfect as only a string of real pearls can be.


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