Picture yourself walking into a Venetian church. You are about to hear music that was written to be performed in this space or a similar one in Venice over 200 years ago. And Venice Music Project have only recently rediscovered much of that music, so you are among the first people to hear it in modern day!

This is just a small part of what your membership to Friends of Venice Music Project can offer you: exclusive opportunities for an unique musical experience when you are visiting Venice, the prestige of recommending your insider project to friends who are traveling, and helping music to save and preserve Venice.

In 2013, a group of internationally acclaimed musicians, tired of traveling the world and hoping to make a difference in this fragile city that is our home, created Venice Music Project. Since our founding, we have been overwhelmed by the international support that we have received to sustain our mission to provide international-level concerts of Venice’s musical treasures for local subscribers and visitors. While we enjoy a cult following among Baroque music lovers, it is equally satisfying to meet first-time concertgoers after the show and hear comments like, “I’ve never been to a classical concert before, but now I am going to start going! I never knew it could be so amazing!”

Besides the satisfaction of helping to protect this fragile city and her heritage, we are absolutely astounded by the incredible music we are unearthing through musical archaeology. The world truly went mad for Mozart and forgot all the amazing music that preceded and inspired him. Composers that he wrote about in his correspondence with his family are just waiting to be rediscovered, and we are on it!

Your membership can help us to expand and achieve that. Join our cheering section, and help these composers find their voices.

And, as always, we will Ba-ROCK you!

Membership Levels and benefits:

Our work would not be possible without the continued support of our many friends. Please consider joining us at one of the following membership levels. All gifts are tax deductible in the US and the UK *.

Support Venice Music Project work and receive the following benefits:

(Members will also be added to a special mailing list and receive notices of special events, ticket offers, and concerts, before our other lists.)

  • Cavalli $50 
    • Free glass Prosecco for 2 people before concert. – COVID permitting – (Please arrive 30 min prior).
    • Free VMP logo fan for 2 people.
  • Hasse $120 – The above plus:
    • Premium Seating for 1 Live Concert.
    • 1 Free Live-Stream ticket for On Demand viewing on Kondivision platform.
  • Gabrielli $250 – The above plus:
    • 3 Free Live-Stream ticket for On Demand viewing on Kondivision platform.
    • Free VMP Tote bag.
  • Marcello $500 – The above plus:
    • Invitation to attend a rehearsals for a behind-the-scene experience.
    • Free VMP Special edition bottle of Prosecco Najma.
  • Monteverdi $1,200 – The above plus:
    • Membership in the Serenissima Club and all its benefits (please contact our office for details).
    • Meet and Greet with musicians.
    • VIP reception after concert.
    • 1 Special Edition VMP Polo Shirt
  • Vivaldi $2,500 – The above plus:
    • 2 hr insider’s tour of musical sites in Venice with a musician from VMP.
    • VMP ringtone for your phone recorded especially for you.
    • 2 Special Edition VMP logo Polo Shirts.
  • Serenissima ClubBecome a part of the Serenissima Club by becoming a member at $1000 or higher.
    • Special virtual Id card.
    • Access to Free tickets for Live and Live-Streamed concerts.
    • Reception with musicians.
    • Special Serenissima Club events.
  • Adopt a Musician: Why not adopt one of our talented musicians? (No, we can’t let you take them home with you…!) 1/2 Season or Full Season are currently available. Please contact us for details.
    • Half Season $5,000
    • Full Season $10,000
  • Give the Gift of Membership!: Give a gift and make a difference! Need the perfect hostess/birthday/wedding present? VMP membership is a great gift.
    • Special virtual ID card.
    • Access to Free tickets for Live and Live-Streamed concerts .
    • Reception with musicians.
    • Annual dinner in Venice.
    • Complimentary Premium seating for all concerts.

Corporations interested in supporting Venice Music Project are encouraged to call +39 345 7911 948 for assistance in tailoring a gift to suit your interests and needs.

Thank you for supporting our work.

* Prices in US$

* Membership participation is also tax-deductible through the Friends of Venice Music Project, our US 501(c)(3) nonprofit support organisation, Tax ID Number 47-2306591

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Support the Venice Music Project!

Your support will help us to budget for extra-special programs in celebration of our first decade of activity, as well as help to fund our Musical Archaeology and the performances of works we discover during the year.

And, as always, we will Ba-ROCK you!