New Membership program and benefits!

New Membership program and benefits

Dear Friends,

We have amazing news!!

Thanks to all our visitors, followers, and friends all over the world, we have grown more and more every year. And thanks to your generous support, we have successfully completed (almost!) our 2018 concert season “BAROQUE PASSION FROM SACRED TO SECULAR MUSIC”. Our 2018 concert program is our third at St. George’s Anglican Church, in Campo San Vio on the Grand Canal, and our 6th concert series overall!

Our repertoire is constantly growing too, thanks to your generous gifts towards our “musical archaeology” activities. We have unearthed a plethora of hidden treasures, many of which have now been fully researched, transcribed, and performed by Venice Music Project Ensemble for the first time in modern day — more this season than ever before! We will continue this exciting initiative by further digging into the archives in Venice and around the world, to rediscover more unique and forgotten pieces by Europe’s greatest Baroque composers. In addition to our concert performances, we are also planning a new CD release in 2019 to include many of these hidden treasures. We are giving everyone the opportunity to hear our discoveries!

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel too. We have been recently uploading our videos and other recordings.

Venice Music Project YouTube Channel

Venice Music Project YouTube Channel

We are extremely excited to announce that we are launching the opportunity for you to become Members of Friends of Venice Music Project.

Friends of Venice Music Project is a community which includes members located all over the world. Even if you don’t live in Venice or plan a visit any time soon, you’ll get great perks and most importantly help us to protect this fragile city and her heritage. The rediscovery and performance of the unique “hidden treasures” is an important means of reinstating and preserving Venice’s cultural heritage. 18th century Venice was the epicentre of Baroque chamber music in the western world and we are bringing its musical patrimony to current day.

Venice Music

 What does Membership to Friends of Venice Music Project offer?Exclusive opportunities for an unique musical experience when you are visiting Venice, the prestige of recommending your insider project to friends who are traveling, and helping music to save and preserve Venice.

We are absolutely astounded by the incredible music we are unearthing through our “musical archaeology”. The world truly went mad for Mozart and forgot all the amazing music that preceded and inspired him. Composers that he wrote about in his correspondence with his family are just waiting to be rediscovered, and we are on it!

Your membership can help us to expand and achieve that. Join our cheering section, and help these composers find their voices.

A special way to contribute is to “sponsor a manuscript” and fund the transcription of a specific piece that inspires you. Consider honouring a family member or friend by naming them as the exclusive funding donor of an unique piece. We currently have unearthered manuscripts by the following composers waiting to be transcribed and performed. Here is a short selection:

Nicolo’ Jommelli
Johann Hasse
Nicola Porpora
Antonio Caldara
Benedetto Marcello

We will provide you with a certificate, a report on the piece, and its transcription including photographs, and you will be named the exclusive funding donor. You will be invited to be a part of the inaugural performance for your sponsored manuscript.

We are launching “sponsor a manuscript” right here, so if you would like to reserve a manuscript by one of the composers above you’ll have to be quick!

For details and prices please contact:

Alternatively, you can select one of our existing membership levels. Annual membership starts for as little as $50, and  right now, we have a special prize for the first 10 people who sign up at the $100 level or higher – a free VMP tote bag! For the next 20 after that, we will send a free download of some of our music that will be on our next CD, Tesori Nascosti! And more from there!

Membership is tax-deductible in the US through our US 501c3 non-profit organization, and in the UK through the charitable gifts program. For more information, please contact us.

If you want to know more, please follow this link for more details about the different options and benefits of becoming members!

And, as always, we will Ba-ROCK you!

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