Our Supporters

Venice Music Project is grateful for the generous support of the following individuals and foundations, which allows us to program our musical archaeology and concert season:


The Frank Family Charitable Foundation


The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation


Anonymous, The Anne and Chris Flowers Foundation


Jane Hurt and Michel Thomas

$1,000 – $1,999

Diane and Tom Berger, Jane and George Blunden, Pamela and Kent Cartwright, Diana and Fred Chaffee, Elizabeth Johnston, Rosi Kahane, Leonard Kizner and Jeff Tucker, Lucinda Laird, Jane and Robert Odenweller, Steve Patrick, Sally and Blair Ruble, Gregory Skidmore, Gilly and Chris Wiscarson

$500 – $999

Anonymous, Anonymous, Curtis Anderson, Julia and William Ashbey, Carmen Chassot, Daniela Chiara, Brian Condon, K. Scott Gudgeon, Lisa Robinson Spader, John Rose, Phil Truckenbrod, and Ray Albright, Ellen and Robert Rose, Paula Rudinoff, Trinity College

$250 – $499

Eda and Steven Baruch, Christopher Beach, Eleanor and William Boehler, Meryl and Chris Cooper, Felicity and Michael Gillette, Jo and Richard Humphreys, Melissa Janes, Steve Patrick, Marica Tacconi and Jessica Karp, Arun Rangaswamy and Phil Frost, Shamina Talyarkhan

$150 – $249

Cheryl Bundy, Julie Galdieri and Brian Ragan, Kathiona Lie, Lavanya and Anup Misra, Maureen and David Thomas, Judith Unwin and Georgina Paul, Alexandra Voltan, James Yu

$100 – $149

Andrew Blume, Leslie Currie, Gary Beberman and Laurie Frankel, Franco Boscu, Polly and Ted Coxe, Robert Echols, Richard Hopkin, Monnie Elliott and Christopher Kirkland, Annie Fenn, Ian Gibson-Smith, Gerry Holland and Dietrich Thumser, Piero Marchesi and Irina Ivancich, Molly Caroland Morphett, Damon Myers and Efrem Magtagnob, Allison Orr, Julia Panama and Claude Buchert, Liz and Steve Parker, Brian Price, Naomi Price, Nina and Jonathan Punt, Radha Rangaswami, Margaret and Peter Sandberg, Nicolò Sari, Marco Tribò, Martha Stires Wright

$0 – $99

Susan Amatangelo, Marcy Brenner, Matt Brooks, Nathan Buck, Carolyn Burkhardt and Andrea Pettenello, Paul Christian, Cheryl Cimiluca, Massimo Dal Mas, Gregory Dowling, Megumi Eda, Monnie Elliott, Anastasia Ferrati, Maria Annalisa Foglia, Claudia Giammatteo, Ann Gilmartin, Kathleen Redd Henderson, Raymond Hughes, Cassandra and Frederick Ilchman, Lee and Peter Leach, Judy Morton, Gerald Moshell, Damon Myers, Ingo Nessel, Nancy O’Halloran, Georga Osborne, E. Wayne Phillips, Joseph Bud Roach, Elizabeth Rudinoff, Shirley Smith, Mary Tacconi, Vanessa Tran, Patricia Ward, Paul Vance, The Young Family, Meagan Zantingh

In-kind gifts:

Vigna Belvedere, Tim Brown, Pamela and Kent Cartwright, Gualti, Jamie Harper and Roxi Thoren, Raymond Hughes, Melissa Janes, Joy McCorriston, Frank O’Halloran, Caterina Pensa, Cecelia Pierotti, Joseph Scorese, Marica Tacconi and Jessica Karp, Gilly Wiscarson

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