VMP is going viral over our 2 December Concert!!

We are absolutely thrilled to share some incredible news and recent updates that occurred at Venice Music Project this week. Our passion for music and its historical significance has triggered a wave of excitement as one of our esteemed collaborators, Dr. Marica Tacconi, has caused a sensation with her groundbreaking research.

Earlier this week, Dr.Tacconi, a renowned musicologist at Pennsylvania State University, wrote an article that made the rounds on the web. The article analyses the rediscovery of music hidden within the walls of a Venetian orphanage, the Ospedaletto, some 250 years ago. This fascinating story went viral and captivated audiences around the world. You can read this enlightening piece on ‘The Conversation’ website here. The exciting discoveries of Marica Tacconi’s work have attracted widespread media interest, and we are pleased to announce that the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) recently interviewed her to explore the depth of her research. You can listen to this engaging interview on the Melbourne Saturday Breakfast programme here. However…the excitement doesn’t end here! We are also thrilled to share the fantastic news that Prof. Marica Tacconi will be a guest on the prestigious BBC World Service news, on Saturday 2 December. Her BBC interview promises to delve into the compelling story of this 18th-century musical revelation and our joint mission to bring these neglected gems back to the concert stage.

This incredible journey to discover hidden musical treasures is a testament to Prof. Tacconi’s dedication and expertise, and VMP’s collaborative spirit. We could not be prouder of her remarkable achievements and of the attention that her work is receiving worldwide! We invite you to tune in to the forthcoming BBC interview and continue to follow the exciting story of rediscovering history through music. Stay in touch with us for further updates.

For those of you who are in Venice, we hope you’ll join us for our December 2nd concert! [Click here for the tickets]. It will be introduced by Prof. Tacconi.  planning on recording this special performance: more information to come!

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Rolando Moro Violoncello
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Rolando Moro – Violoncello

Rolando Moro ha iniziato lo studio del Violoncello a 6 anni con Giancarlo Trimboli. Successivamente si è iscritto al conservatorio “A. Steffani” di Castelfranco Veneto, studiando dapprima con il M.

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Luca Ventimiglia Flauto Dolce
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Luca Ventimiglia – Flauto Dolce

Luca Ventimiglia Ha ultimato gli studi di Flauto Dolce presso il conservatorio Claudio Monteverdi di Bolzano, diplomandosi con il massimo dei voti e lode sotto la guida del Maestro Lorenzo

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Angelica Selmo Clavicembalo
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Angelica Selmo – Clavicembalo

Angelica Selmo, dopo aver concluso gli studi pianistici con R. Zadra con la votazione di 110/110 e lode, si è dedicata allo studio del clavicembalo sotto la guida di P.

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