A tour in a Gondola?

A tour in a gondola! How about following us to a magical place that carries with it an ancient and enchanting Venetian tradition?

This weekend Venice Music Project moves from the Anglican Church of San Vio to the Magazzino Gallery “Squero San Trovaso”, in a setting full of Venetian tradition and history of Venice.

Did you know that the squeri were, and still are today, the shipyards where most of the Venetian boats are built and fixed, especially the rowing ones? And what about the big ones, you may ask? The Arsenal takes care of them, of course!

The most famous boat to come out of the squero, even today, is the gondola! With its beautiful wavy line, its deep black colour and its iron prow, the dolfìn in Venetian, representing the six “sestieri” (Borough) of Venice, the Giudecca, the Doge’s hat and with its “S” shape the Grand Canal, is one of the best known symbols of the city!

Come and discover with us a program dedicated to those songs that were sung on these very boats during the afternoon tours!


(Photos by Maurizio Rossi)

Here a small preview of what’s coming!

A little segment of what you are going to experience in our next concert!


Saturday, 1st May at 7:00 pm
Live Streaming on Demand

Traditional Venetian songs, anonymously written by famous composers of the 16th and 17th century, transport you back to a different time!

Music by Anonymous

Liesl Odenweller, Soprano
Venice Music Project Ensemble

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